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All your brand's profiles.
One weekly report.

PeakFeed puts key stats from all your social media profiles into one simple report, automatically delivered to your email inbox every week.


Easily monitor 7 different sites.

See key stats from each of your accounts...without checking each of your accounts.

Track up to 3 accounts per site

Watch your own if you have more than one or add a couple competitors for context.

All in one weekly email.

Every report is fully responsive for easy viewing from your desktop or mobile inbox.
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"I was looking for a simple and quick way to be updated on the social following of my company and I didn't want to spend time and efforts on complicated reports. PeakFeed provides a perfect, no fuss way to view the numbers that matter."
Martino Jerian, CEO Amped Software
"As a startup, PeakFeed comes in handy because we can easily see how we're doing against our competition on the social side, without having to do any manual work."
John Mitchell, CEO
"I was looking for a simple report to show me how we grew, week over week. Nothing fancy. Apparently, those don't exist. Fortunately, I found PeakFeed. Now I get easy, no-nonsense social reports to my inbox every week."
Ian Smith, Marketing Drone Deploy
"As the founder of a growing e-commerce company I love getting my weekly PeekFeed. It gives me an easily digestible 'birds eye' view of key growth metrics & health indicators across all of my platforms."
Patrick Maloney, Co-Founder Paradigm Coffee
"As a social media strategist, I'm always looking for innovative ways to increase workflow and productivity. PeakFeed is just that. Easy-to-follow and user friendly analytics, all at the click of a button."
Steve Barkoczy, Social Media Strategist
"PeakFeed is perfect for executives to literally peek at what's working and what isn't on social media. Looking across the board at these metrics is invaluable and helps us quickly make decisions about our content creation."
Shiree Odiz, ShireeOdiz Ltd

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"PeakFeed is simple, but I'm sure you have at least one question by now. Don't be shy, just ask. I'd be happy to help."

Gregg Blanchard, Creator

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