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All your profiles. One simple dashboard.

Create simple dashboards with all your company's social media profiles to easily keep tabs on social growth and performance.

"A perfect, no-fuss way to view the numbers that matter."


Easily monitor 8 different social networks.

Keep an eye on key stats from each of your social media profiles...without checking each of your social media profiles.

All your key stats in one clean dashboard.

Each dashboard tracks total fans, new fans, new posts, and engagement for every social profile you add to it.

Automatically sent to your inbox each week.

PeakFeed's not (another) site you have to remember to check, and every report is fully responsive for easy viewing from your desktop or mobile inbox.

Sample Dashboards

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"PeakFeed is perfect for executives to peek at what's working and what isn't on social media. Looking across the board at these metrics is invaluable and helps us quickly make decisions about our content."

Founder, ShireeOdiz Ltd

"As the founder of a growing e-commerce company I love getting my weekly PeekFeed. It gives me an easily digestible 'birds eye' view of key growth metrics & health indicators across all of my platforms."

Co-Founder, Paradigm Coffee

"As a startup, PeakFeed comes in handy because we can easily see how we're doing against our competition on the social side, without having to do any manual work."


"I was looking for a simple report to show me how we grew, week over week. Nothing fancy. Fortunately, I found PeakFeed. Now I get easy, no-nonsense reports to my inbox every week."

Marketing, Drone Deploy

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? No worries. Send me an email:

Can I see inside the platform or example dashboards before I sign up?
Absolutely, click here to watch a short 2:30 tour of the platform or send me an email if you need a closer look.
When are reports sent each week?
That, my friend, is up to you. For each report you can choose the day and time your weekly email summary is delivered.
Can I add more than one profile from each site to a dashboard?
Yep, you can add up to three profiles from any one site to your dashboard. So if you have, say, three Facebook pages for your business you can add all three to the same dashboard.
Do I have to pay yearly or sign a contract?
No way. Monthly fees are how we roll and you can cancel at any time.
Can I share my report with other people in our organization?
Yep, it's easiest to do that on your end, but your dashboard itself is also accessible via a public URL as well in case other shareholderse want to keep track.
Can I get a demo of the platform before I sign up?
Absolutely, send an email to and let's find a time to chat.
Do you offer a free trial?
Negative, but if you end up not liking what you see, just ask for a refund. I'd be happy to oblige.
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Hi, I'm Gregg. I built PeakFeed.

I don't say that to brag (my bug list can verifty that) but I think it's worth knowing that PeakFeed isn't backed by millions in funding and a massive team, just one hardworking guy who sincerely appreciates every user who signs up. More about me →