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Amazing Images, Instantly Created with Over
March 25th, 2017 Gregg Blanchard

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Images get engagement.

They break through the noise when breaking through the noise is an achievement, not an expectation.

And that’s exactly why we love Over.

First, they’ve focused on a proven content style – images + overlaid text – and built a simple, beautiful service wholly around that concept.


No endless choices about content type, they save you from yourself by giving you one proven choice.

We love things that enable marketers to fill gaps in their days with meaningful efforts. Over certainly checks this box with a mobile-first approach that enables creation of great content in from anywhere.


All you need is a simple message and a half-decent photo.

Likewise with the speed at which you’re able to create. In 2-3 minutes you’ve got a great looking bit of content even if you’re starting with nothing but your camera roll and perfectly sized to social media best practices.


Need proof?

Each of the images in the post were created in just a few minutes. Even more, it took me about 5 minutes of playing around in the app to feel more than comfortable getting what I needed out of it.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

If you want great images to share, try Over.

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