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The simple ways Toolset picks up where Twitter left off.
March 29th, 2017 Gregg Blanchard

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I love Twitter. It enables us mere mortals to be flies on the walls of conversations all over the world.

But in a marketing sense, it has a few gaps.

Gaps that a simple service called Toolset beuatifully, and simply, fills.

#1) Fast, Clean Search
Search users by keyword, tweets by keyword, people by following or account. All in a crazy-fast, clean interface.


But the best part? It will never show people you’re already following. Brilliant. And the difference between a marketing interface and a monitoring interface.

#2) Don’t Follow Back
This feature got a bad rap in the early days of Twitter, but sometimes it’s exactly what you need to know.


Whether it’s trimming your following list to those who still care what you have to say or just because you’re curious, there’s no easier way to check which of the accounts you follow don’t reciprocate the interest.

#3) Easy User Whitelisting
Don’t want to accidentally unfollow someone? Whitelist them. No longer will they show up in potential unfollow lists.


If you’re actively working your following list, you know how useful this little tweak can be. This alone makes this service absolutely worth my time.

So Simple, So Clean
Most of all, I love how simple and elegant this interface is.

The handiwork of Will Stanley (@willstanley95), the fact you don’t even need tooltips or FAQs or training videos to get started is a testament to his design.

If you’d like to add a few extra tools to your Twitter marketing belt, give Toolset a look.

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