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Discover which sites your customers actually care about.

Media kits tell you if people like your customers might read a specific site's content. Readership tells you if they actually do.

"It was super-helpful when looking where to put our ad spend and PR efforts, but even in a crisis putting negative coverage into context was surprisingly powerful."


Let's talk about your needs.

This isn't some binding thing, just a way to show you're interested and ask questions. We're in a public beta so we can get you access pretty quick if you want it, but we may pick your brain about your needs and goals in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? No worries. Send me an email:

What social networks do you pull data from to analyze my audience?
Primarily Twitter but depending on what we start with (like a prospect or client email list) we will pull other data in as well to fill out the analysis.
How big of an audience can you analyze?
The larger the audience the longer it takes to crunch all the data, but we're open for as big as you've got as long as you've got some patience to go along with it :)
How much does it cost?
That depends heavily on how much of your audience you want to look or how big that audience is. But because we're in beta, good use cases are on the house so if you're curious just reach out and we'll see what we can do.

Discover which sites your customers care about.

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