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SendView: August Email Stats

    Patrick Sande     Sep 14, 2019    

I'm excited to introduce a new topic to the Sendview Blog. Each month, we'll be reviewing thousands of emails to discover trends and answer questions

I'm really excited about being able to do these deeper dives into the data. I recently completed a Data Analytics and Visualizations Bootcamp. One of the languages I fell in love with was Python and I’ve been anxious to put my new budding skills to use. 

Hence, your August Email Stats Report. For this summary, we looked at all emails sent to the SendView platform in the month of August. We have a number of different metrics to explore within the SendView database. For this summary, I choose to keep it simple and explore the stats I felt would be most informative for an email marketer. That said, I'll certainly be looking at other metrics on a regular basis.

Busiest Day: Thursday
Average Image Count: 19.92
Average Link Count: 14.56
Average Word Count: 245.88
Average SPAM Score: 0.88

How do your emails compare?

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