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Monitor the Email Platforms Your Competitors Use

Gregg Blanchard     Mar 10, 2019    

Identifying which email marketing platform had sent any given message was one of those things I always wanted to build, but once I got into the nuts and bolts of actually building it and realized how tricky it would be to do accurately, it triggered that problem-solving corner of my brain and nagged me until I did.

Way more evenings than I expected later, it's ready to share with the world.


So, starting with one of our most recent releases, you can now view the main ESP each of your competitors uses right on their dashboard.

Simple as that.

We're keeping an eye on how many brands are using multiple ESPs before we decide if we need to adapt the interface to reveal a list instead of a single name, but so far the vast majority use one so should cover most situations (give us a holler if you see something different in your data).


You'll also see the Platform any one email was sent from in the Inbox as well right next to the other stats related to that campaign.

Also note that the ESP name is clickable and will take you to the service's website. Simple, but useful.

Platform Report

Right now we can identify about 100 different ESPs. Now, you might be saying:

Um, Gregg, do you know how many ESPs there are out there?

So we also use the Platforms report to show you what our current match rate is. If you're seeing something below 90-95%, let us know. Sounds like you might be in a niche that uses some ESPs we haven't yet documented.

Aside from the match rate, it also includes a few other handy stats and a quick snapshot of platform usage across your competitors. Easy-peasy.


Not gonna lie, pretty stoked to have cracked this nut. Took a bit more time and creativity than I expected, but has proven to be incredibly accurate so far.

Hope you enjoy and, as always, if there a feature you'd love to see us add, just let us know. And if you'd like to give it a whirl, make sure to check out SendView.

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