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Every brand, every account, every post. One dashboard.

You've got a long list of franchises or members or brands, and PeakFeed Groups lets you put all of their posts, performance, and growth in one simple, sortable dashboard.

"We have more than 50 franchises with more coming online every month. Our team needed a way to keep an eye on what each was doing and identify what was moving the needle."

Every brand.

Whether you've got 10 brands under your umbrella or 1,000, it's all good.

Every page.

Track page performance and growth across every major social network.

Every post.

Every post from every page in one searchable, sortable interface.

Rank, search, filter.

Filter your pages and posts by actiity, keywords, performance and more.

See what's working.

Quickly discover what's working for the brands in your group.

Let's talk about your group.

This isn't some binding thing, just a way to show you're interested and ask questions. We're in a public beta so we can get you access pretty quick if you want it, but we may pick your brain about your needs and goals in the meantime.

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Hi, I'm Gregg. I built PeakFeed.

I don't say that to brag (my bug list can verifty that) but I think it's worth knowing that PeakFeed isn't backed by millions in funding and a massive team, just one hardworking guy who sincerely appreciates every user who signs up. More about me →