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Visualize your competitor's
content calendar.

Hemlock automatically aggregates all the stuff your competitors do online and lets you analyze and explore it through a simple, calendar interface.


Just add your competitors...

Track up to 10 competitors, peers, or companies you admire.

...and add their usernames/feeds.

You can track up to 10 unique sources across 6 different channels.


Posts and updates from public brand pages.


Tweets and media from any public account.


Photos and videos from any public account.


Videos uploaded to any public channel.

Blogs / Podcasts

Anything with a public RSS feed.


Any message sent to your tracking address.

Join our beta!

Hemlock is currently in beta. Get on the waiting list and we’ll let you know as soon as you can join.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? No worries. Send us an email: gregg@peakfeed.com

Do you get historical data?
For some channels but not all. Email, for example, we only start tracking on the day you sign up. For the others, typically, we can only get 30 days of data.
How do you track their email campaigns?
We give you a unique email address you can use to sign up for their lists. We’ll monitor everything they send to that address.
Are you planning to add more sources?
Why yes we are! And we’d love your input on which to prioritize. If you have something in mind, send us an email.
What are notes?
On each piece of content you can add your own notes or information. You can use this to save or favorite content you like, add context, or whatever else you’d like.

Email marketing tracking addresses.

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Vizualize your competitor's content calendar.

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All your social accounts. One weekly report.

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