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Simple, visual tracking for influencer campaigns.

Influencer is a product we build in partnership with Maxletics to easily track analytics around influencer campaigns.

"It's simple, it's thorough, it does everything it needs to. Our clients use it and love it."


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Influencer is a product we built in partnership with Maxletics. Enter your information to the right and we'll get you in touch with their team to talk about using the tool for your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which social networks do you track?
We track Twitter, Facebook (pages), and Instagram.
How many influencers can you track?
As many as you've got! It's built ot handle as big of a group as your line up for your campaign.
What can I use to monitor mentions?
It can be as simple as a single hashtag or you can use a list of hashtags or even keywords to tease out all those posts from the rest. You also have the ability to flag posts as "contractual" to further separate analytics between posts you want to count and those you don't.

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