Easily track and analyze large groups of social media accounts.

You need to track a long list of influencers or stores or members. Rather than spend your day copying/pasting stats or spending your entire budget on enterprise software, PeakFeed Labs automates everything by combining the existing PeakFeed tracking system with a simple, custom interface based on your unique needs.

"The reports that once took me hours to compile now take me 30 seconds."


The most expensive part of typical interfaces isn't the interface, it's the backend. With PeakFeed, that part is already built which cuts costs by up to 90%.


Visualizations or export tools are kept simple, clean, and use efficient code libraries to go start-to-finish quickly and easily. Some projects take less than a week.


PeakFeed is a one-man-band so there isn't the overhead of a typical agency to get in the way. You know what you need, I help you make it happen.

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Custom CSV Export

A hard-working marketing manager was tired of manually gathering data from nearly 100 social accounts. We created a simple, CSV export that got her all the data she needed in just a few seconds.
Influencer Dashboards

An upstart influencer marketing agency needed a way to automate the reports their team was generating by hand for their clients. Instead of manually copying/pasting data from lists of influencesr, their dashboard now aggregatese content and campaign performance automatically.
Franchisee Tracking

A growing chain wanted to monitor and rank their franchisees' social accounts. We brainstormed a simple perforamnce and content ranking system that put everything in one simple dashboard.
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Hi, I'm Gregg. I built PeakFeed.

I don't say that to brag (my bug list can verifty that) but I think it's worth knowing that PeakFeed isn't backed by millions in funding and a massive team, just one hardworking guy who sincerely appreciates every user who signs up. More about me →