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See the websites your customers interact with the most.

Readership analyzes tens of thousands of interactions between an audience and digital content to discover the sites they love and uncover where your customers and prosepcts actually spend their time.

"A website's media kit tells you if people like your customers might read their content. Readership starts with your customers and analyzes THEIR behavior to tell you if they actually do."


Choose an audience you want to analyze.

Reports are generated by analyzing the followers of any Twitter handle you choose, even if it's not your own.

Analyze a list of emails instead of Twitter followers. Email for details and pricing.

Readership analyzes their social activity.

Readership scans tens of thousands of public social interactions between that audience and digital content.

Then ranks the most popular sites it discovers.

Top content creators and outlets are ranked to easily identify the sites that audience loves the most.

...and quantify exactly which sites their followers engage with.

Readership analyzes tens of thousands of public social interactions between the audience and online content to rank and compare every site.

Rank by Popularity

Sort results by which sites are most commonly interacted with.

Rank by Frequency

Sort results by which sites are most frequently interacted with.

Web or CSV

View and exports results in whatever format your team needs.

Ready to Resell

Exports have no branding and are okay to resell to clients.

Sad trombone,
Readership is no longer open to new users.

If you have any questions, just shoot me an email - - thanks!


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